To help organizations achieve excellence using systems thinking and authentic leadership practices. This is accomplished by assisting organizations of all kinds—whether small or large businesses, educational institutions, or government agencies—to realize their strategic and operational potential and to instill a pervasive culture of success in everything they seek to accomplish

In pursuit of these aims, PEG will:

  • Conduct intensive workshops and seminars on the most effective research-based leadership practices and systems thinking methods used in high-performing organizations
  • Offer consulting services to help organizations solve specific problems and take advantage of critical opportunities that will influence their future success
  • Publish position papers and other recommendations on the most important methods and practices for achieving the culture of success that high-performance organizations exemplify
  • Strongly commit to unambiguous and uncompromising standards of professional ethics in all of its services.


Become one of the most recognized organizations known for inspiring and leading transformational change by empowering everyone to achieve excellence


Confidence, honesty, integrity, credibility, accountability