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Performance Excellence Group
Performance Excellence Group

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The Performance Excellence Group is an organization that provides training and facilitation services that are designed to help any organization improve its performance and commitment to excellence.

Following early retirement from government and a distinguished career as a leader and executive, manager, and trainer, Ken formed PEG in 1999. He aimed to leverage the skills and experience of an energetic group of multi-disciplined experts that could meet the needs of businesses, non-profits and Pre-K to 12 education institutions.

We offer a wide range of programs designed to meet the challenges of the workplace and the changing environments in which our customers operate. We create a non-threatening atmosphere that fosters participation and creativity, helping others build consensus by assessing current performance, planning for success, and deploying strategies that ensure teamwork and a customer-driven culture.

Performance excellence is more about the process of working together to make desired results a reality and less about quick fixes that, in the end, resemble firefighting. Performance excellence is a journey rather than a destination, and we offer training and consulting to help organizations that strive for excellence succeed.


To help organizations achieve excellence using systems thinking and authentic leadership practices.

In pursuit of these aims, PEG will:

  • Conduct intensive workshops and seminars on the most effective research-based leadership practices and systems thinking methods used in high-performing organizations
  • Offer consulting services to help organizations solve specific problems and take advantage of critical opportunities that will influence their future success
  • Strongly commit to specific and uncompromising standards of professional ethics in all of its services


Become the most recognized organization known for inspiring and leading transformational change by empowering everyone to achieve excellence.


Collaboration – Honesty – Integrity – Credibility

Ken Biddle

Ken Biddle

President of PEG, LLC

Ken has over 30 years of experience in developing implementation strategies for all aspects of management and assisting in successfully executing those strategies. He is recognized for his ability to relate to people at various levels and diverse organizations. He has implemented human resource and organizational development programs in multiple industries, always focusing on changing cultures and establishing fact-based approaches to satisfying customers and producing improved business results.

Ken’s extensive training includes strategic planning at George Washington University and the Juran Institute; trainer instructor certifications from the Edge Learning Institute and Six-Sigma Qualtec. He has attended several University of Tennessee Institutes for Productivity through Quality and three Disney University Institutes, Leadership, Quality, and People Management. Ken has experience as an examiner, senior examiner, and trainer of several Baldrige-based assessment programs, including serving on the Baldrige National Quality Award Board of Examiners in 2003, 2004, and 2005. Also, Quality New Jersey Governor’s Award Program; the Missouri Award, the President’s Quality Award, and the Veterans Affairs Improvement Service Award.

PEG Associates

What makes PEG associates especially valuable is their years of experience in their specific areas of expertise or demonstrated success as a consultant or presenter; instead, they are practitioners familiar with implementing improvement systems that rely on team approaches and the use of data.

Our associates are former and current experienced leaders and executives from various industries, non-profits, and government. The breadth of their years of service involved directing and managing employees and volunteers, the management and oversight of many major projects, the development of partnerships, and detailed plans supporting engineering analyses and project development.

Our associates are former and current school superintendents, principals, teachers, and other administrators with decades of experience implementing strategies in turning around public schools. These experiences include implementing district-wide Response to Intervention (RTI) Programs and increasing the authenticity of special education classifications.

While many of our associates are former clients that have demonstrated their application and/or mastery of PEG methods, all of these individuals have demonstrated expertise in the practical use of systems thinking tools and leadership skills when introducing change, pursuing high performance, and goal attainment. 

Performance Excellence Group