Performance Excellence Group
Performance Excellence Group

Providing Training and Techniques to Achieve Success

We deliver services that emphasize the need for a systems approach and the engagement of a workforce to achieve improved performance and better outcomes. It is accomplished by assisting organizations of all kinds—whether small or large, businesses or not-for-profits, educational institutions, or government agencies—to realize their strategic and operational potential and instill a pervasive culture of success in everything they seek to accomplish. Below are some of our major services. 

Change Management

We offer a variety of customized programs that facilitate an organization’s transition from a current situation to a desired outcome or behavior. Typically, these outcomes are in new leadership responsibilities, missions, visions, values, and goals. In support of change, for example, we conduct team building workshops and administer personality types and values assessments.

Performance Excellence Group

Leadership Development

Using our specially-developed approach to increasing leader effectiveness - The Eight Lessons of Authentic Leadership - we customize and tailor workshops to meet specific needs. Our seminars and consultations are designed to markedly improve leadership at all levels of an organization. We passionately believe that the native language of the authentic leader is action; these are very much hands-on and results-oriented techniques that are research-based and geared to the real bottom line of any organization.

It is not uncommon for an organization to have dedicated and responsible leaders working very hard on their individual departmental goals and objectives. Our development methods emphasize the need for these leaders to embrace a systems perspective and management philosophy. These methods help leaders manage for results and lead others in the quest for excellence.

"Leaders know the way, go the way, and show the way" - John C. Maxwell

Lean Six Sigma

We offer a variety of customized programs that facilitate everything from understanding the potential benefits to the implementation of projects that reduce waste and eliminate defects. Participants will learn the relationship and identify, prioritize, and address improvement opportunities. Specific methodology, tools, and techniques commonly used in all aspects of business and high-performing industries are taught using project-based learning. Our Lean Six Sigma programs are customized to fit into the Pre-K to 12 school environment, using the PEG Journey To High Achieving Schools™ and PEG IDEAS™ improvement models.

Problem Solving

Our approaches are designed to fully align with our client's current methods and/or the maturity of any existing improvement program. We transfer an in-depth knowledge and appreciation for all aspects of Problem Solving that emphasizes a process-centered, data-driven approach to uncovering and eliminating root causes. Our methods result in measurable improvements and practices that prevent the reoccurrence of problematic conditions. Whatever the actual environment and organizational culture, our approach ensures that participants not only learn the process and the associated tools, but get to practice them by addressing real and significant problems associated with their business or organization.

Performance Excellence Group

Strategic Planning

The strategy of any organization–whether a business, government agency or school district–requires the development and implementation of a framework that determines the nature and direction of the enterprise. Our intensive and customized sessions on strategic planning aim to develop the vision of what the organization aspires to be, focusing its choices on the products, services, markets, key capabilities, growth, and resource allocation that fundamentally increase its achievement of excellence.

We customize our support to the planning process that we view as having three phases: Pre-Planning (information gathering and synthesis), Plan Development (plan creation and formation), and Policy Deployment (implementation).

Performance Excellence Group

The Academy for Education Leaders

Our passion for seeing Pre-K to 12 schools achieve breakthrough improvement has resulted in the PEG Academy for Education Leaders where participants gain access to a professional network of leaders from other organizations. 

For nearly twenty years, we have been offering this intensive series of seminars with outstanding results for district superintendents, principals, and other key education team members. It is modeled after the methods used in the most high-performing businesses, major non-profits, government departments, and exceptional schools. It is concretely connected to the issues that need to be addressed in the schools and districts of the participants and structured around the solid concepts of systems thinking and leadership effectiveness.

The focus is on outcome-based accountability as part of the very fabric of the school culture with a shared, genuinely operative vision of excellence and a disciplined, focused set of solutions to the most important educational issues. The dozens of education professionals who have been through the program have become the most loyal and enthusiastic supporters.

Journey to a High-Achieving School: Eliminate Destructive Excuses (Book available at and from Rowman Littlefield) examines the range of devastating excuses often expressed for failure to attain significant improvement in our schools. This book imparts the methods of systems thinking and leadership practices employed in high-performing organizations of all kinds. This book shows concretely and specifically that what is at the root of these excuses can be overcome.