Performance Excellence Group

Ken Biddle – President

Ken Biddle – President

Would you be interested in making better decisions in half the time?   There is probably an app for that, but if you haven’t come across it yet, let me introduce you to a set of proven, researched-based principles, tools, and techniques for any industry.

Numerous businesses and educational leaders have learned that our methodology works!

Formed in 1999, PEG is a highly diverse company that brings together the know-how and experience of an energetic group of multi-disciplined experts. We develop partnerships with our clients in various industries, including manufacturing and service businesses, K-12 education, government and non-profit organizations in order to establish a climate conducive for achieving excellence.

We offer a wide range of programs designed to meet the challenges of the workplace and the changing environments in which our customers operate. We create a non-threatening atmosphere that fosters participation and creativity, helping organizations to build consensus by assessing current organizational performance, planning for success and deploying strategies that ensure teamwork and customer driven culture.

Performance excellence is more about the process of working to make it happen and less than having achieved it. Performance excellence is a journey rather than a destination, and we offer training and consulting to help organizations that strive for excellence to be successful.

We help organizations clearly define performance gaps and identify cost-effective strategies that lead to breakthrough improvement and customer satisfaction. We help leaders by facilitating their efforts to plan. Our training includes on-site workshops and training modules that are affordable and customized to meet an organization’s unique needs and ensure a successful implementation process. So, what are your performance excellence needs?

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